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Pastor Beth Graf

‘The Truth About You’ by Beth Graf ~ “Our world is full of so much change and instant information but what our children truly need is to know the timeless truths that come from the One, True and Unchanging God. This book is a breath of fresh air in a world that pollutes their hearts and minds with negativity, lies and confusion. As an Elementary School Teacher, Pastor, Life Coach and Mom, Beth is passionate about imparting spiritual truths to children. While this book is geared for younger children (featuring beautiful, real-life photography of animals) the truths it contains is for all ages. It is simple yet profound, “identity-shaping” truths from God’s heart to yours.” 

The concepts in this book came from what Beth recorded as her children shared what they sensed from Him. Every thought from God in this book, is supported with wonderful, easy-to-read Bible verses to affirm they truly are from God’s heart. Aren’t you curious to know what their child hearts heard from Him?” ~ Amazon book page

You can purchase ‘The Truth About You’ by Beth Graf from our bookstore.

Happy Reading! ~ Lynne

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