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Kathy Ide, author and editor, with her husband Rick.

Kathy is a best-selling author, speaker and writing coach who loves to help other writers become successful authors. Here’s a little about her from her website at

“I’ve been making up stories my whole life. (Just ask my mom, who caught me in plenty of “fabrications,” bless her heart.) But it never occurred to me that this could be a good thing! (On the contrary, it usually got me in trouble.)

When I was sixteen, I became a born-again Christian without having the foggiest clue what that really entailed, or what it would mean for my life. Through many dangers, toils, and snares, I grew into Christian adulthood. (Well, I became an adult, anyway. My faith is still maturing, but I don’t think that ever stops … at least it shouldn’t.)” continue reading about Kathy on her website.

Bokk about proofreading by Kathy Ide

Here’s one of Kathy’s books featured in our Christian Authors bookstore. You can find Kathy’s complete collection of books on Amazon.

Happy reading everyone!

~ Lynne

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