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In the beginning, creation was all “good” … until God announced Adam’s situation was “not good.” Join the rhyming romp as Adam’s search for a compatible companion leads him beyond scales, fur, and feathers, back into the hands of his more-than-capable Creator.

A blend of Scripture and smiles, Adam Plus One gently portrays God’s perfect plan—the partnership of woman and man.

Fun picture book for 3-8 year-olds.

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Happy Reading!

A 700 Club interview with Beth Graf, one of our CA authors, about her delightful new children’s book. Beth is a ministry health pastor, a certified Christian life coach, and a new author! Her children’s book is titled “The Truth About You: God’s Thoughts For You”.

Beth Graf, author, at her desk.
Beth Graf

Watch the interview on YouTube.

Beautifully illustrated with breathtaking photos of real animals. The book shows children and adults alike how unique we all are and how very special we all are to God.

You can find Beth’s book in the Children’s section of our bookstore and on Amazon.

'The Truth About You' by Beth Graf, book cover featuring a snow leopard.
‘The Truth About You’ by Beth Graf

Happy Reading Everyone!

~ Lynne

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