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“We are very thrilled to announce the release of our latest project SONGS OF EASTER – created almost entirely during lockdown – 16 psalms, hymns and songs reflecting Easter hope and light. This will provide an exciting addition to our ongoing ministry.” ~ Roger Jones, Christian Music Ministries

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An introduction to Songs of Easter, the February 2022 release from Christian Music Ministries. 16 songs by Roger Jones and friends. Premieres Feb 15, 2022.

Tuesday evening (15 Feb) 8pm – join them on the YouTube premiere as they play extracts from the songs. Many of those who have taken part in the recording talk about what it has meant to them:


Wahoo! We get excited when we see new titles come into our store and now we’ve added some great Christian Music CDs and DVD Talks to our virtual bookshelves.

Some of our authors are also singers and songwriters so we created a category just for them. You can find their music just past the Children’s section.


We also added a selection of DVD Talks by our authors who do speaking tours. The DVDs are just below the music category. There you’ll find talks on various topics including mental health, the influence of media on our teens and even a sex talk.

I hope you find something that interests you in our new sections. Every purchase from our store or any click through to Amazon will give us an affiliate fee and help us to bring new books, music and talks to you, and help our authors, singers and speakers keep creating them!

Thank you for checking us out and please come back often.

Many Blessings


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