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Hi Authors. Translate your book with Ednilson S. Santos.

Are you interested in having your book translated? Do you want to obtain a quality translation? You can have it! I’m a translator and also fluent in English, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Russian, Hebrew, and Italian and can translate manually and carefully from any of these languages to any of the others.

My fee is just $3 USD per page, no upfront, payment only upon completion…I don’t translate works with more than 250 manuscript pages.

If you want to translate your book, send me an email to

To view some samples of my work please go to:

One of the books which I translated:…/dp/B07QH8ZWK3

 Pennie Mae Cartawick (Author),  Ednilson S. Santos (Translator) 

Book translation by Ednilson S. Santos
Translation by Ednilson S. Santos
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