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It wasn’t supposed to unfold this way. Raising kids was to be all about playdates at the park, kitchen-table crafts, and bedtime stories, with the odd scraped knee and late-night stomach flu posing the greatest threat. It was to be a great adventure, not a terrifying ordeal.

In a daily battle on the frontlines for the life of her son, Laurie Haughton faces a parent’s worst nightmare: a critically ill child. Expecting their first baby and dreaming of the future, Laurie and her husband, Tim, were stopped in their tracks when a twenty-week ultrasound and fetal echocardiogram revealed that their son had a rare congenital heart condition that made survival unlikely. Trusting in God and committing young Joshua to him, they continued with the pregnancy and, after Joshua’s arrival, walked through multiple surgeries and terrifying moments.

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