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Michael Wuehler — Hearing Spirit Calling

Read Michael’s book Spirit calling ~

God still speaks to us today. Unfortunately, we sometimes forget to listen to that still small voice of God within each of us.
Spirit Calling completes the trinity trilogy of God Calling and Jesus Calling of daily devotional readings. Spirit Calling is devoted to helping you find a deeper spiritual meaning in your daily life.
Written during a worldwide pandemic, Spirit Calling blesses the reader with a glimpse of hope for a brighter future. The voice of the Spirit of God lovingly responds to familiar Bible verses with each daily reading. The daily readings uplift people who struggle spiritually and reaffirm the reader as they hear the Holy Spirit’s words bring comfort in a new way with a ray of hope in our dark times.
You are invited to come to this book each day with a soul eager to encounter God. The Spirit of God does genuinely live in every one of us today. May this book help you feel and hear the movement and voice of the Spirit within you through the daily devotions.


The Blue Rose book cover

“The Blue Rose” – LaVonne Thompson



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