Hello, and welcome to Christian Authors. We began as a tiny online bookstore in 2013 to support and market authors who are Christian by helping to promote their work. As more authors joined, we found ourselves running out of space to host everyone’s new releases — we have a talented bunch! So we decided to switch to a site which is easier to navigate and can host more work by our incredible writers.

We aim to promote our authors and bring you, our reader, some of the best of Christian literature. And so, we have a new page for our authors’ books. We’ll be adding books to the store just about every week, so check back often to see the new additions.

Our authors write not only Christian material such as Devotionals and Bible Studies, but also Romance, Speculative Fiction, Fantasy, Poetry and more.

And you can check out our Categories on the right to take you to the authors’ blogs.

We also have a Facebook page where we let readers know about our authors’ new releases and upcoming events. You can also find our authors’ books and artwork on our Christian Authors Pinterest boards.

You’ll also notice we have a partner for any of our readers who are interested in becoming authors. Our Writing Resources will take you directly to White Rose Writers which is owned and operated by our admin, Lynne Collier. There you’ll find courses and workshops, workbooks and worksheets to help you write your fantastic novels and ebooks!

Enjoy reading our authors’ posts and navigate the categories to find the genre you’re looking for.

Happy Reading!

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